Thursday, September 2, 2010

It is really hard to let go something that is very precious to u

Toys, Cars, Books, Souvenirs, Memories, Experience, People, Games, Gadgets etc...

One of this might be something that you hold very dearly to your heart. Something that cherish your life. Something that fills the gaps in your life. Having something precious in your possession makes you feel at ease, makes you feel you have the reason to exist in this world, makes you happy and motivates you.

The future is uncertain. Some plans will go as predicted, some will go the other way around. Some involve the need to let go of your precious things for better good of everyone. Opening back a big gap in your life, starting to wonder again in the midst of uncertainty to find something that holds you to the right path in life.

It comes with utterly devastating pain, something that require both your mind and emotion to resist it. Something that requires the help from Allah for He only can truly help His creations.

In life, we have choices to be made. The choice to let something go is not a favourable choice but it usually the best choice to be taken. Sorrow, grievance is part of the damage from taking that choice but the end result usually is the best for everyone.

Everything that occurs in this world is with consent of Allah. For He are the Most Caring, Most Passionate, always helping, guiding and teaching His creations to a better way of life. He knows what we do not. He understands what we do not. His decision is the best decision ever.

I, one of His creation, one of His servant, seek refuge to Him for He is my Master, He is my God, He is my salvation. I still have happiness in spite of swirling in the depths of sorrows for He will be always watching over me.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Part 6

Part 6 will be posted sometime next week starting on Sunday :D

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Part 5 of the Guess Who Quiz Bonus Round

Welcome to the Bonus Round of the quiz.. the rules of the game is the same but the prize would be Daim chocolate (10 biji) and you only need to guess one person this time..

9. She is the top 'hot stuff' but also can be the average lookin gal. She can be active in recreational activities but also can be a 'couch potato'. She can be a cheerful & friendly person but she also can be shy. She usually study well but she can also slack off in her study. She usually act more matured than the others but sometimes she can be childish also. She is gentle & kind but she can be a scary person. She really love & care for her friends. She is still single (i think :P). Who is She?

Monday, June 28, 2010

Guess Who :D part 4 - England balik kg tanam jagung sbb dier jaguh kampung

Part 4 means nearly half of the students name already on this quiz. It also means future challenge will get better prize (DAIM choc is available hehehe)

7. This Guy wears spectacles. Proactive in learning when he has a chance to meet me. Shy person but friendly also. This Guy is like the Yin during the tutorials when compare with person 8. He is lean build and more muscular when compare with perosn 8. Who is He?

8. This Guy wears spectacles. Proactive in learning when he has a chance to meet me. Shy person but friendly also. This Guy is like Yang during the tutorials when compare with person 7. He is lean build but not too muscular when compare with person 7. Who is He?

Friday, June 25, 2010

Guess who? part 3

I wake up this morning and remember 2 person that I've got to know in the past 9 month..

5. I make it easy by giving a big clue. She wears a visual aid object. She is very friendly to ppl around her and talks a lot. She is one of the cute ones in the batch. I've seen her going to class using a method of transportation. Every time a picture of her was taken, you can notice a different kind of pose. She talks a lot but sometimes can be a quiet person. She is tough person but with a soft heart. The first time I met her, her face looks somewhat familiar to me. Who is she?

6. The sixth person also wears a visual aid object but if she remove it she can be what you all call 'hot stuff' in the batch. She also has a method of transportation to go to class. She has a 'want to kill' type of sidelong look. She also can be a fiesty gal sometimes. She sometimes has a rough personality but has a kind heart. Same as person no 5, she also has a face that looks quite familiar when I first met her. Who is she?

Winner will get kit-kat :D

Guess who :D - part 2.. have to increase the difficulty

And we're back for part 2.. I will increase the difficulty

3. after throwing the dice, the lucky one is a gal. Not much I know about her since she is a shy girl. Second time when I'm giving the tutorial, I confuse her with someone else. She has a ferrari engine as her left brain but not the same engine as her right brain. One of the five power rangers in the batch (I label it in order to easily remember the name & person). She might be interested in the weather. She has a wide smiley face and it looks the same as an anime character that has a big smiley face. The key to contact her via one of the online communication system is cute. She also have out of the ordinary relationship :P. She went to the same school different place as I am and. When it comes to pose for a picture shot, the smiley face is almost alwiz identical hehehehe. Who is she?

4. person number 4 also has the same gender as person no 3. She has the same interest as I am when it comes to hobby. She is not online when this entry is posted. Like person no 3, she also go to the same school as I am but different place. Both she and I experienced learning in the same city although different time/year. Her hometown was a bundle of fishing spot. She is one of the trios that loves to laugh. I can't give more clue or else she will be easy to guess hahaha. In tutorial, she was one of the students that I aim to give questions :D. So, who is she?

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Guess who :D - part 1

In the last 9 month of my life, I've met a lot of new ppl, made new frens.. now lets guess who he/she is based on the description (this is also the test whether I know about the person @ not, sort of final exam Q :D)

1. here comes the first one.. SHE is from the east, loves watching anything from the east that comes out of the magic box but sometimes also watch production from west. she has felines roaming in her house. A calm person in public but sometime can also get wild (dunno what happens in her college room hahaha). She has a close partner in crime which also the person she is in relationship with although it is out of the ordinary (:P ahhahaha). Her role among the grp sometimes is more like an elder sister and she could be the one of the person to refer to when it comes to emotional problem. She is an amusing person when it comes to chain-comments in facebook. Who is she?

2. the second person and the last one for Part 1 would be a HE. He is favourable among his friends. Cool person and can be 'shy-shy cat' also. He has a sparkling jewel in his brain and the first one to finish in the battlefield. Good with the ladies and also good in covering the full extent of his true abilities/talent. He also a frequent customer to the tube and supplier for clips and good stories. I dunno much more about him hehehehe. So, who is he?

end of part 1.. to be continued